Friday, October 31, 2008


Holy COW is that OJ SIMPSON with Raeg?
Jacob the "Walmart Greeter"...hilarious!
Jamie and her longtime friend Brooke in their cute halloween t-shirts (they met when Jamie was 4 & Brooke was 5)!
Carly & Brody trick or treating at the Anderson's.
Carly after eating a LOT of candy!!!

Aaron, Becki, & Tre dressed for Becki's family halloween party.

Annual halloween party at our office bldg...our suite was assigned the 40's era so we were General Patton & the Women's Army Corp (Annie, Brianna, Dr. Hamblin-my brother Mark, myself, Monica, & Lindsy. My Brother Bryan at Adobe Ward's (Jamie & Johnny's ward too) "Trunk or Treat". Jamie & I took the kids to the party while Johnny was hunting. The picture of Brody in the fireman outfit was taken there.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Does he look overwhelmed or what!! :)

Dear Jacob and Jamie,

You have so many unique attributes and characteristics that make each of you an individual. But these are a few that remind us that you two were a “package deal” right from the start:

*Our insurance co-pay for the hospital was $2…you each cost us $1 for your delivery!
*As infants you loved to suck on each others fingers and toes…even after you
got your 1st teeth.
*You loved keeping us up all night (Mom at least)…you didn’t sleep through the
night until you were 3 years old, but you were potty trained a full year before that, what
was up with that?
*You wanted to always be together but you scared us when you figured out how to get
into each others crib by crawling across your dresser (until we got smart & moved
it in to the middle of the room).
*You wanted to share your birthday parties every year and you both wanted the same
“mud pie” for your birthday cake. You even shared a “co-ed slumber” party where
we divided the girls and the boys up by a volleyball net (we never got a minute of
sleep that night…really, what were we thinking?). We loved it when Jacob was
serving his mission in Argentina and you both agreed on a time to go outside and
look up at the moon . You knew that the other one would be looking at the same moon
at the same time and thinking of one another on your birthday.
*Your circles of friends overlapped so much we were never sure whose friends were
*You always looked after one another and were very protective of one another when
it came to boyfriend/girlfriend relationships. You always shared late night talks that the
rest of us weren’t privy to.
*You were great examples in so many ways to both your older brother and your
younger brother…you have got to know how much they still look up to you.
*You have always made us look like we knew what we were doing as parents, not
because we really did, but because you always made wise decisions and chose
to follow what you believed in.
*Your strength in the gospel and love for the gospel has always amazed us and
inspired us to do better!!!!
*You are both such hard workers and have never been afraid to tackle jobs that
would intimidate most people.
*You have always shown a great compassion for people less fortunate than you.
*Your family has always been the most important thing in your lives. We all feel your
love, and want to make sure that you both know how much your family loves you!!!

We hope you both have a very very HAPPY BIRTHDAY today!!!. We love you “mostest to the toastest”!!!!

Dad and Mom


Last week Jamie got together with some friends at a place called Bounce Jungle...they had such a great time. So today I decided I wanted to take the grandkids there since I was able to take the day off from work (my boss, my brother, took my nephew to the MTC today). Jamie's friends were all there again today, it was fun to see her friends all now being "mommies"...the circle of life continues! Bounce Jungle was only $4.32 each for Carly and Tre (and the rest of us were free), this included a snack for the kids as well. As you can see, we had such a blast!!