Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I was very spoiled this year with many special Christmas gifts, here are a few of them...Carly (3 yrs/2 mos) Tre (2 yrs/9mos) Brody (1 yr/9 mos)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009



After Johnny & Jamie came home from the mountains Carly was complaining that her ear hurt...after her ear finally popped she said she felt better because her ear "burped"

In the garage on Joey & Raegan's new bed

Aaron & Becki just bought their first home, while Papa was helping them move Nana had playtime at the park with Tre...

Jamie's dog Che escaped & was lost for a full day, Nana watched Carly & Brody while everyone else searched for the dog...then Brody decided he was going to try & escape out the front door too...

Brody watches Carly & does everything she does...this is when they were pretending to be asleep...

Christmas toys

Low Rider...this picture "cracks" me up!

The last day of work for 2009 before going out to eat at The Olive Garden

Mom & her seven kids

Carly attends Spuhler Sprouts Playschool (Miss Kristen) with her 2nd cousins Jayden and Cayden. This was at her Christmas program we attended

Boys will be Boys-

Christmas Tradition of Attending Midnight Mass