Saturday, October 24, 2009


Dinner at Serrano's. Jacob & Jamie have been able to spend 23 out of their 27 birthdays together!

I had to put a 3rd candle on the cake for Carly...she thought it was her birthday still, it was almost a month ago!

Aw...isn't that sweet!

Not...and they are 27?!

Brody got hysterical because he thought Uncle Jakey was hurting his Mommy, it was pretty cute actually, that he was so concerned!

"THE RAEGSTER" CAME HOME FOR HER BRIDAL SHOWER...her family did an amazing job, the food was so yummy and the decorations were beautiful! We are all so excited, only 5 more weeks and Raegan & Joey will be married!

Three of Raegan's four cute sisters...Shanni, Morgan, & Jayden

Jamie, Raegan & Becki...Raegan's soon to be sisters

Sweet friendship...Rachel, Jamie, and Raegan

"The Mom's"...Raegan's Mom Jackie & I

Tre-Tre in Daddy's hat:

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Jim, Jamie, and I had an awesome experience in Glendale at Midwestern University attending Jacob's White Coat Ceremony! Jacob is working extremely hard and doing very well. He is loving what he is learning!!

"Student-Doctor Jacob Nelson" is his title now!

Just before receiving his white coat...he looks extremely happy!

Reciting The Oath of Committment

1st year Podiatry Students

My cousins Stan & Don with Stan's wife Shirley and their son David (he received his white coat at the ceremony, as well...he is in the Physician's Assistant Program)

Second cousins David & Jacob

Carly turns 3

...and Johnny turns 30!! Jim and I watched the kids for a few days while Jamie & Johnny took a much deserved vacation to New Mexico for the balloon festival.

Jacob was chosen to be 1 of 8 participants in the "MR INSTITUTE PAGEANT". It was sooo funny!!

The Theme: Macho Libre.........Jacob and "his coach"

Ballroom Dancing with his partner was his talent portion of the pageant (he made his own tux out of a trenchcoat)

The group dance...showing their moves

These 2 last pictures are showing his "peacocking" skills

Another fun night with Jacob in Glendale...HE WAS HILARIOUS AND A VERY GOOD SPORT!!