Sunday, April 29, 2012

Brody's "Spuhler Sprouts" Playschool Graduation

Before the program started Brody & his best friend Lundyn were all smiles (& occasionaly acting a little shy)!
When the program started they both put their heads down. It was pretty funny. I did see Brody mouthing the words a few times & slightly do the hand motions behind his back!
Proudly Wearing His Cap~
~Miss Kristen Highlighting the Kids~
~Brody's Gift to Mommy~

Friday, April 27, 2012


Rachel and Jarom are finally getting married! Rachel's shower was at Raegan's familys house, it really turned out nice!! Carly was able to go to the shower with us & loved helping with the presents. She is very excited (and nervous) to be Rachel's flower girl for the ring ceremony!!
Enjoying the last of the cool weather for a while! Carly & Brody love playing Red Light-Green Light
Such good little helpers!
For Bryan's 49th birthday some of the family got together to see Harvey at Hale Theatre & Joe's BBQ for dinner. It was a nice afternoon/evening together. Mom, Bryan, Greg & Denise, Mark & Sharon, and Jim & I are buying season tickets together. I am looking forward to it!
Fireworks in April?! We watched an amazing fireworks show from our roof, every bit as good as we see here on the 4th. We still don't know why or where it was coming from!
Carly had several tests at Phoenix Children's Hospital with the cardiologists and Aaron had an "exit interview" with Community Bridges so we had a few fun hours with the boys. We received such happy news, Carly does not have to have surgery for her heart murmur afterall!!!
This picture really makes me laugh. Brody loved wearing Great-Grandpa Hamblin's optivisor that he used when he was practicing medicine.
Papa fixing up his ouie that he got when he was chasing Papa around the house!
This cracks me up...he sits just like his Great-Aunt Marcene & Great-Uncle Bryan!
Tre loves spinning on this chair. I get queasy even watching him!
For the first time ever Tre & Brody were a little jealous of each other. They weren't fighting but both got quite sad when they weren't getting full attention from Papa & Nana (especially Papa)!! It actually was a little funny. This is when they were all pals again!!