Monday, September 12, 2016

So Another Year Begins...

Meet the Teacher
Mrs. Smith (Carol/Sister Smith...she is in our ward)
Mrs. Cowen (Mrs. Smith's niece)
Tre is in the 4th Grade at American Leadership Academy...he looks so handsome with his new haircut
Carly is also in the 4th Grade at Entz Elementary
Brody is in the 3rd Grade at Entz Elementary
First Day (ever) of riding their bikes to school. They each have a Gizmo so Jamie will know where they are at all times
Meeting Miss Peggy at Scripture Stars
First day of school
Ridge meeting Miss Kristen at Spuhler Sprouts
First day of play-school

Monday, September 5, 2016

Some More Summertime Fun

Jungle Book
Goofy golfing & games at Fat Cats
Several Sleepovers
Lots of swimming & treats
Finding Dory
Bowling at Fat Cats
Culver's again
Day Date...lunch at Mormon Lake Lodge & Quading on Mormon Mountain (one of our favorite camping spots)
Nana Time
Silly kids...
Mall Time
I got to spend an afternoon/evening with this adorable & energetic bunch while they went to Sunsplash
This kid write's on everything but I got the type of marker's that only works with the paper it comes with...hee hee
We always love it when all (or some) of our Michigan kids come to visit
Claire playing with her Daddy's Ninja Turles & eating Ninja Turtle maci with cousin Brody
I really enjoy my Activity Day calling (best calling in the church). It was especially fun being with Carly during Mountain View Stake's Activity Day
I have been substituting in one of the Sunbeam classed for a while, along with being an Activity Days Leader. Tre came with us one Sunday & helped us teach the lesson
Brinley is actually in another Sunbeam class, but when I teach she likes to be in my class
Brinley waiting for the Foster's to come over for pizza, pazooki's & pool time
Brinley & Daniel are both four...crazy!
Britta gave Maycie her first swim lesson
Third cousins (their Grandpa Lee Foster & I are 1st cousins)
Just another fun Thursday afternoon at work (ha ha)