Thursday, March 29, 2012


James Aaron Nelson III "Tre" turned five on March 18, 2012. He looks pretty happy that it's his birthday!!

Proud Dad & Mom

The present from his parents...he played "we will we will rock you"

He was excited that it was time for the pinata!

Carly & Brody (& the other kids) patiently waiting for their turn

Helping Uncle DJ & Gabe with the rope for the pinata

Tre gets down to serious business the second time around!

I was so happy!! We had ALL of us at Aaron & Becki's house. Jim came from work and Joey & Raegan surprised us on their way home to Tucson, after a weekend in Vegas! Here are my crazy boys! Poor Johnny & Jim...they are never quite sure what to do!!

Papa & Nana's Birthday Date Night With Tre! We decided to make this a yearly tradition when the grandkids turn 5! The first stop was at Toys R Us for him to pick out his birthday present(s) from us.

Paying for the toys with the birthday money we gave him

Our second stop was at Taco Bell...HIS choice for dinner!

Then to Papa & Nana's house to play with his new toys

Sleepover & Papa's special pancakes (Tre calls them babycakes) for breakfast...yum!!