Saturday, May 31, 2014


Plan A camping at Greens Peek...rain & winds. Plan B camping in Payson leaving at 8:00am Friday morning but baby boy Hammond decided he'd like to come 8 wks early...trebutiline to stop contractions, steroids for babies lungs & bed rest for Jamie. Plan C left for Payson at 3:10 without Jamie, Johnny & Brinley. Jacob & Chelsea were able to spend one night & two days with us and Joey & Raegan were able to spend a different night & two days with us. We were so happy to have them there, it is rare for them to get away from their crazy schedules. They were such a huge help with Carly & Brody...they are lucky to have such wonderful uncles & aunt's. We went to see Joe & Marcene at their cabin & ended up doing all kinds of unplanned activities. We are so appreciative of their kindness & generosity. Cameron & Austin Funk were up there as well. We enjoyed visiting with them & they were awesome with the kids too. Although, we have had a few scares with both Johnny & Jamies's little guy and Joey & Raegan's little gal recently, they are both doing well now. A mother never stops worrying!
Two weeks after we were at Joe & Marcene's cabin...Aaron, Tre & Becki went to the cabin with Cameron & had a great time as well!