Thursday, March 13, 2014

Brody's is Six & A Few Extra Fun Things

The Champ
Papa & Nana's birthday date at Someburros for dinner, Toys R Us to pick out a present, a sleepover & breakfast at Taco Bell...yes, bean & cheese burritos at Taco Bell! He really wanted chicken nuggets & a hamburgber from McDonald's but they don't serve lunch until 10:30am! I thought IHOP sounded way better but HE was the boss of his birthday!!
Uncle Joey & Brody playing with his cool new gun
We love it when our Tucson kids get to come home, it's not easy for them with their busy schedules, so we appreciate any time we get with them. Here we are at Moki's (Jim & I have freaky eyes, they had just been dialated at the eye dr)
CJ & Jessica's wedding
Dude time with Papa
A week-end with the Tre, always a treat
11 year old scout day camp
Campout near Payson