Tuesday, February 28, 2012


We just love our weekends! Especially, when we get to spend time with family. We love it when Joey & Raegan are able to come up for a night or two every once in a while on a weekend. At times, I just want our lives to stand still while all our kids live in Arizona. It won't be long before Jacob will be going out of state for his rotations & residency. Before we know it, Joey won't be far behind! We have taken advantage of the amazing winter we have had this year and love being in the outdoors! Riding this tandem bike Mark & Sharon gave us is a blast! Jim & I have had it out a few times. And Joey & I, Joey & Raegan, Jacob & Chelsea, Jim & Jamie, Jim & Carly and Jim & Brody. Good excercise and conversation time!! It is being put to good use~

Cute Chelsea....on Sunday she usually comes over right after church and eats dinner with us. She ends up borrowing Jacobs clothes to "play" in. I love this picture~

And this one~

Jamie giving instructions to Chelsea, Jacob, Dallas & Dustin~

These pictures of Chelsea freak me out a little bit, what is that orange glow?!

Valentines Night~

Pajama party in Jacob & Chelsea fort they built & played in on a Friday night~

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Tre had an over-nighter at our house and went to church with us. He was so excited to wear a tie, just like Papa. He went to Primary for the first time & was able to dress up as Nephi during sharing time. He is just like his Dad when he was young...he LOVES to dress up as different "characters"!!

After church Tre loved his playtime with Papa while I snapped some candid pictures. He still isn't real fond of picture taking! Here he is telling me to stop taking pictures, at least he said it with a smile!!

The last couple of Sunday's we have taken evening walks with Johnny & Jamie's family. It is so nice having them live close by. The things our grandkids say & do keep us smiling!! We are loving the gorgeous weather we have been having!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Papa & Nana's Valentine's Date with Carly, Brody and Tre

Ready to go for a fun-filled day "hunting" on our African Safari, as Tre and Brody would say~

Valentine buckets from Nana & Papa

Carly's darling Valentines hair-done by Jamie

Carly (5 1/2)

Tre (5 next month)

Brody (4 next month)

It was a 2 hour drive to Camp Verde but is was so worth it!

~Our Little Valentine's~

Brody was so disappointed when we told him there probably wouldn't be a bear, but there was one. When he saw the bear he went CRAZY!! I wish I could have captured that moment on camera. This picture was after he calmed down~

The white tiger "splash" was so much fun to watch!

This 16 foot python was a big hit with all three kids...yikes!

Excited to go on the African Bush Safari, it was so awesome!

On the safari there were two giraffes. This first one was behind a fence but the kids were able to feed him carrots. It was a blast!

The second giraffe was just roaming around & came up to the bus for carrots. He stuck his whole neck in the bus so the kids could pet him, it was so cool!

We were able to feed the camel as well~

These are some of the other animals we were able to see~

These three are such great little buddies~


So sweet!!