Saturday, February 28, 2009

Joey's Trip to Washington DC for a Health Advocacy Summit...he said it was an amazing experience!

Joey was able to go to a Wizards vs Spurs game and a Georgetown vs Louisville game.
Joey eating a gigantic donut with his teacher...yes, his teacher! :)
Joey & his good friend & 3rd cousin Danae Faller representing Arizona.

Pentagon Memorial.
The BYU students & faculty in front of the Brigham Young statue inside the capital bldg. Joey was the only SINGLE GUY of the group.
Iwo Jima.
After a long day on the hill.
Meeting with Congressman Flake.

He had so many incredible learning experiences along with great fun. I am anxious to hear more of his stories of the trip!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Jacob and Joey were appointed co-directors for the activities committee for Special Olympic Summer Games in Utah this May

After Jacob helped with Special Olympics last got both Jacob and Joey excited to volunteer to help this year. They are the guys for the job, I know they will do an awesome job!