Sunday, July 14, 2013


Jim was asked to be on the board for the Sun Devils Gymnastics Team & was one of the speakers at the end of the year banquet. He did awesome!!
We loved our Sunday afternoons while the weather was nice
Brinley lets us know how much she dislikes her bows
We have found a squirrel, stray cats, dead roof rats, scorpions & black widows in our back yard & then this...ugh!! We lost it & found it it is Tre's new pet!
Cousin Play-Dates with Papa & Nana
We love Mark & Sharon's pool, they are so nice for letting us come over & play
Tricks with Papa
Diving lesson from Papa
This is how I found Carly, Tre & Brody...after I put Brinley down for a nap!! Maybe they can teach me a thing or two, I am still trying to learn
More pool time at Mark & Sharon's
Brody wanted his haircut just like his Daddy, his Papa & his cousin Ty. He likes his dude time going to the barber with Papa!
Jim managed to take care of Carly, Brody & Brinley all day, just by himself!
Carly's Dance Recital Carly's end of the year kindergarten program at Entz (Mrs. Schrieber) The kids, teachers, moms, dads & grandparents dancing! This will be Brody's classroom in the fall A few cute extra pictures of Carly Tre's Kindergarten Graduation & Awards Assembly from American Leadership Academy. Unfortunately, but for a very good reason, Jim & I had to miss them because they were on the same days as Jacob's banquet & graduation. These are pictures Becki was nice enough to send to me
Mr. Kruger...Tre's principal & buddy
We really had a great time going out to Queen Creek to watch Tre during his "Soccer Shots" workshops Tre's visit to the firestation with Nana Some of my other favorite pictures of Tre Tre's 1st time on a bus
We enjoyed Brody's t-ball season & visiting with family & friends "Under The Lights" at the big field Brody's pre-school graduation from Scripture Stars with Miss Peggy A few other fun pictures of Brody Little Miss Brinley is growing way too fast & boy is she busy!!! Her very first dance outfit from Aunt Chelsea Brinley is very observant of her surroundings. She watches everything & everyone's move. At times she can get a very serious look on her face but when her daddy, mommy, big sister or big brother walk into the room she gets a huge smile on her face! We love Brinley's crazy hair
Jim, Jamie & I went down memory lane! We went by our 1st home (on Dolphin) where we took these little footprints of Aaron (2/12 yrs) and Jacob & Jamie (2 1/2 months)-still there over 30 yrs later!! Gilbert High School "Once Upon A Mattress" starring our niece Mikayla. She played multiple parts very well, but our favorite was Nightingale We had a really enjoyable two day getaway to Payson! Oh my, what can I say about this?! Yes, I am married to a guy that does disgusting things like this, he has made my life very interesting to say the least. Unfortunately, Brody watches & does everything his Papa does...sorry Johnny & Jamie!! Hopefully he keeps Brody from doing this! Bryan's 50th! Jim 58th Austin, Kristi, Cayden & Jaxon were sealed in the Mesa Temple on May 11, 2013. The sight of these cute boys, with their parents, was so sweet! Such fun play-time with Papa & Nana while their Dads & Moms went out to celebrate their anniversary's. Aaron & Becki went out dancing & returned to the hotel they stayed at on their wedding night & Johnny & Jamie had a fun night reminiscing as they went to each place where they had their "firsts"! Jacob & Chelsea took Tre to church with them, he was sure excited. Chelsea's Mom Dennise was his teacher These three keep their Daddy & Mommy busy at church Jamie's Tumbling/Cheer Party. We are so proud of Jamie & all she has accomplished! She is a hard worker, along with being an amazing mother of three. Johnny is such a great support to her as well. Carly's Classes Brody's Class Brinley's turn Parents/Grandparents Night End of the year pizza party FATHER'S DAY FUN...Without Jim in my life I wouldn't be fortunate to have our four incredible kids! Without our four kids I wouldn't have our wonderful daughters-in-law Becki, Chelsea & Raegan & son-in-law Johnny. Without all of them we wouldn't have our four precious grandbabies, I look forward to many more!! How lucky & blessed I am!
Aaron is doing an incredible job as a Daddy to our grandson Tre, what a blessing he has been in all our lives! Tre is an amazing boy with an amazing Daddy!
Johnny is an amazing Daddy as well, to Carly, Brody & Brinley...what a wonderful job he is doing raising three of our incredible grandkids! They are blessed to have him as their Daddy & they are each a blessing in our lives!
I had a ton of fun putting this together for Jim
Jamie took her kids & Emily's kids to see Papa at the firestation
Jamie's Darling Family Pictures