Thursday, August 30, 2012

BRINLEY LYNN HAMMOND (the first 4 weeks, I just kept adding pictures)!

Checking-In at Banner Samaritan, formerly known as Good Samaritan where Jim & I and Jacob & Jamie were born and also where Carly & Brody were born~
Contractions 5 minutes apart, soon after 3 minutes apart which were getting intense, epidural, broke water, immmediatly went to 9, Dr. (Uncle Steve) showed up, 3 pushes & delivery...she was a champ!!
Born August 2, 2012 at 9:38 pm weighing 6 lbs 12 oz & 20" long
Uncle Steve had Jamie pull Brinley out & bring her to her belly. Right from the start Brinley was very alert & was staring at her Mommy for the longest time, it was a sweet moment!
Proud Daddy & Mommy!
Brinley with Papa, Daddy & Uncle Steve Nelson (Jamie's OB)
I feel very blessed that I was able to once again witness the birth of another Hammond baby. I appreciate so much sharing this special moment with Jamie, Johnny, Jim & my Mom! An unbelieavble experience...and Jamie just smiled through it all!
Four Generation Picture
Carly & Brody are ready to meet their new sister with their Big Sis & Big Bro shirts
At the hospital with their presents for Brinley
Meeting Brinley for the first time
Carly & Brody do think their little sister rocks!
Brody was telling us he loved Brinley this much
They missed their Mommy (& Daddy of course)
First time meeting Aunt Chelsea! Chelsea watched Carly & Brody while we were at the hospital for the birth. She spoiled them & they had so much fun! We were all so appreciative of her help!!
First time meeting Uncle Joey & Aunt Raegan! It was a busy weekend & they, along with the Davis family, were so much help with Carly & Brody when Jim & I had to be gone!! They had a blast!! Johnny, Jamie, Jim & I apreciated their help so much!!
Going Home
I love this sweet little family to pieces!!
Such a cute Daddy!
Meeting Aunt Becki for the first time. Carly is so proud to show her off!
Meeting Uncle Aaron, Cousin Tre & Uncle DJ for the first time on a Sunday afternoon!
Meeting Uncle Jakey for the first time with Aunt Chelsea!
Great-Grandma Hamlin & the cute quilt she made for Brinley
We just cannot get enough of this Cute Little Love Bug!
Smiling at just 8 days old and a little over 6 lbs she looks like Carly, so beautiful!
We were able to have Carly & Brody over for three nights while Johnny & Jamie were at the hospital & were getting settled in. We also got to spend quite a bit of time with the kids in Brinley's first week, as well. We cherish these moments!! Carly was telling us stories about her first day of kindergraden in these pictures. She was so animated it was hard for us to get a picture. She was moving all around the room, I thought she was going to hyper-venalate. You can say her first day of school was a hit!
Brody loves his "Dude Time" with Papa! They share their love for many things, especially the Sun Devils, Brody has the first part of the ASU fight song memorized!!