Saturday, November 17, 2012


Jim & I have had several weeks of fun! I have been working on twelve blog posts for the last month & a half! I love blogging, it works as my journal & photo albums for my "after work" activities & occassionaly work activities as well. As a young girl, I loved taking pictures of everything. I would take my allowance & babysitting money to buy film & develop pictures. I rode my bike a few miles to take my film to Revco to have developed. It would take about a week, I could hardly wait. Thank goodness for the modern technology we have today! My photography skills are not great but I love taking pictures to capture the moment, that someday might be forgotten. I guess I could have a worse ocd habit?! Life has gone by so quickly that I have to continually remind myself to "enjoy the journey"!! I love this quote from President Gordon B. Hinckley "In all of living, have much fun and laughter. Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured". Here's to Good Times!!


Jim, Johnny, Carly & Brody went to the last football game together. At last minute, prior to the game, Jamie, Brinley & I joined in on the activities, supporting the Men's Gymnastics Team. Jim even did a little bit of tumbling, he still has it!!
Jim & Johnny were able to go to most of the games together this year...silly boys!!
Aaron & Tre were able to go to a football game with Jim as well this year. Unfortunately, there was no picture taken of all three of them (that's what happens when I am out of town)!

Brody's Soccer Games

The park at the soccer field

Jim's 32nd Anniversary with the Phx Fire Dept

Carly, Brody, Tre & I went to visit Papa at his station on November 10th (the day Jim hit the 32nd year mark)!! He will sign papers to "DROP" in December...5 years until he retires! I was taking care of Carly & Brody while Johnny was hunting & Jamie was at a cheer competition where the Show Low cheer squad & Show Low 5-man took 1st place!! I was also watching Tre while Aaron & Becki were at work. We had such a great time, even though there are many restrictions due to the fact that his station is at the airport where there is high security! We all loved riding in Jim's new truck & watching the airplanes land & take-off. We are able to sit very close to the runway, it makes it so exciting!!
Brody watching the ASU game
More good times at the park
They were not worn out yet, but Nana was!!