Sunday, November 30, 2008


Jacob & Joey just headed back to BYU this morning. I am anxious for the semester to be over so they can come home again for 2 weeks. We had a great time with them at home! Jamie, Brody, and I are going to fly up to see them this Thurday, if we can pry ourselves away from Carly. Papa will watch Carly until Johnny gets out of school Thursday night and then it will be Daddy & Carly time for 3 days. We know Jacob & Joey are going to be very busy with school, but we will take any time we can get with them! Our house is very quiet again! :(

Friday, November 28, 2008

THANKSGIVING DAY WITH THE HAMBLIN FAMILY AT MARK AND SHARON'S...there are so many other pic's I wanted to take & post!

This is Thanksgiving morning. We usually go to "Grandma's Park" every Thanksgiving but due to the rain Mark and Sharon invited the whole family over to their home. Thanks Mark and's a big group. The family continues to grow bigger and bigger each year. Mom counted and there are 93 of us from the 7 kids she and Dad had!!
My 3 boys...we missed Becki this weekend. And Jamie, Johnny, Carly, & Brody too...they were in St.Johns with Johnny's family.
Aaron & Tre up in a tree.
Tre and Uncle Joey.
Tre and Uncle Jacob.
Tre picking unripe oranges just like the big kids. Sorry Mark and Sharon!
Jacob, Joey, and their cousin Kari.
I love this picture of Mom sitting on Jim's lap! :)
My neice or "Aunt Amee" teaching the kids how to dance.
Aaron, Uncle DJ, and Tre.
Tre thinking he is just one of the big kids :).

NELSON THANKSGIVING AT LARRY AND MARIE'S...The Jim Nelson Family took them all!! Again, there we so many more pictures I wanted to post!

Tre with more unripe oranges to play with!
Everyone weighed in before eating our 2nd Thanksgiving feast & Joey won the prize for being the #1 "Biggest Gainer". Jacob designed the sash himself & said next year there will be a tiara too :). Oh wow!!
Here is the 1st place winner for the "Biggest Gainer" and the 1st place winners of the traditional Nelson "Olive Spitting" contest...Aaron took 1st place in the male catagory and I took 1st place in the female catagory...aren't we talented!! :)
Aaron & I posing so proudly!
All the girls that competed!

Our family has such great lung capacity! :)

Monday, November 24, 2008

Dear Uncle Jacob and Uncle Joey...I am so glad you are home for Thanksgiving! Lots of HUGS & KISSES, Carly

THIS WEEKEND WITH MY VERY ACTIVE GRANDKIDS (could it be "Nana's Nummies" or Genetics? I think both!) ...OH THEY ARE SO MUCH FUN!!

Nana letting Carly eat all the "Nana's Nummies" she wants! Have to love that gooey face and hands.
Carly being told by mean old mommy..."no more candy"!
Brody loves to pull himself up on all the furniture...I just love it when he crinkles his nose!
Brody found & loved both sets of stairs...we continue to use a lot of baby gates around here!
Tre taking over the computer, the phones, the channel changer, and any other buttons, doors, & drawers he can find. You can tell by the bumps & scrapes on his head. I just love that mischevious look he always, what can I do next?!
Tre loves "Nana's Nummies"'s hard to believe she works for a dentist!

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Sorry if these pictures offend anyone...since I don't keep a journal anymore...this IS my journal and this is life in the Nelson family and Hamblin family. Aaron has been hunting with Jim since he was 10 years old...not only has he never taken an animal, but he has never even SEEN AN ANIMAL on any hunt!! He told Jim that this was it, if he did not have success this time, he was done forever. Jims wanted this for Aaron as bad as Aaron wanted this for himself!! This was a happy day for them. A cute note...Aaron & Becki already have plans to tan the hide and make moccasins. It is so them, I don't think any part of the deer will be wasted. Besides the success of the hunt...Jim, Aaron, and Grandpa Nelson had a great time in the desert near Quartsite, with the exception of the first night, when setting up camp, Aaron realized that he left his sleeping bag at home. He said he was could have been much worse could have been in the mountains!! Oh yeah...I almost forgot, Jim was successful getting a deer as well! :o)

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Johnny & Jamie leaving for the Carrie Underwood concert.
Brody, always with a smile as long as he is being held, loved, & fed!
I guess Nana should have washed the cake & punch with strawberries off her face before taking the picture! oops!!

Johnny & Jamie had a busy weekend with Dallas & Kelsey's I watched the kids for the endowment session, the wedding, the luncheon, pictures, and helped some at the reception. Johnny had also given Jamie tickets for her birthday to the Carrie Underwood concert Friday night. We had so much fun mostly playing upstairs in Nana's playroom, taking walks so Carly could kiss all our next door neighbors turtles (they are ceramic & they have so many), watching Caillou, Tinkerbell, and eating snacks...Carly especially likes chacalas(chocolates) :o). And Brody was happy as long as he was held and loved. When it came to bedtime & naptime neither Carly or Brody would have anything to do with it. I am too much of a softy & could not listen to them crying (& Carly hysterically pleading..."Nana hold you") so I did a lot of singing and rocking!! I feel so bad that I got them off their schedule!! It brought back a lot of memories of having 4 kids in 5 1/2 years!!

Jim, Grandpa Nelson, and Aaron went hunting for 4 days. I was going to be watching Tre this weekend too but there was a fire where Becki works & they weren't back up & running yet. So, I just had him for a little while on Friday. It was probably a blessing for me that I didn't have all 3 kids for the whole weekend! :o) Depending on their luck with the hunt this weekend, if they need to go back next weekend I will watch Tre while Becki works and I will get my time with him.