Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Jim's Turns 57!

Jim's birthday was a fun filled day with Tre's preschool graduation & Jamie's end-of-the year tumbling pizza party. At the pizza party I suprised Jim with a "birthday boy" pin, a birthday hat & cupcakes while the tumbling kids sang Happy Birthday to him...I think he quite enjoyed it!!
Some of the cute tumbling kids!
Papa & Carly working on her acrobatics, she loves it!
More fun pictures of some of the family!
Brody doesn't take classes from his Mom because he said he doesn't like to do the "warm up part"! Hee Hee!!
At the end of a great day!
A few days before Jim's birthday...Jim, his parents & I prepared & cooked tri-tips for Julie (Steve Nelson's daughter) & Cameron's ring ceremony and wedding reception (a request from Julie). They are a darling couple. I loved the scenery from their back yard...Camelback Mountain. This is my old neighborhood. Going back there always brings back so many memories!! And the tri-tips were a great success!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Tre's Graduation from GKL Montessori Preschool

Receiving his diploma
A proud moment for his parents!
Becki's Mom Elaine & I were able to sneak away from work to be at the graduation. I am so grateful I could attend Tre, Carly & Brody's cute little graduations this year! It took some manuvering, but it was so worth it!!
Tre was the EARTH in their SOLAR SYSTEM program
I heard Tre say his memorized part perfectly, but when it came time to say it in front of everyone he either got shy (very unusual for him) or he decided he wanted to do it in a different way than the other kids?!
Then, he belted out his part in his opera voice. Yes, his opera voice!! He is such a free spirit! Tre has given Jim, Carly, Brody & I opera voice lessons on a few occasions. "Take a deep breathe, hold for 3 seconds, put your hand over your heart, bring your arm forward & sing with your best opera voice"! Needless to say, he was a hit!!
His class singing their cute songs!
Tre wasn't really wanting much to do with it!
I think this picture pretty much sums up what Tre was really thinking about the program!!
He was much happier eating treats & playing in the sand!
These are a few of the activities Tre did during the school year with his teacher Mrs. Rebecca, it looks like he learned a lot of awesome things (I found these cute pictures from Mrs. Rebecca's website)!