Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A -L-A-S-K-A

Jim's friend and teamate (both at Arcadia & ASU), John Cadigan, has been asking Jim for a long time to come to Fairbanks for a hunt. So, the plans started for Jim and Mark to go to Alaska to moose hunt. The guys decided they wanted their wives to come along. I am ALWAYS up for a trip!! We closed the office down for a week and off the four of us went! Jim was actually the only one who was hunting & unfortunately for him it was unsuccessful. The antlers have to be at least a 50 inch spread & the one he almost took was questionable. You just can't take a chance! With Jim's luck lately it would have been just a hair too short. As always though, he said they had the greatest time & took the quads places he thought would have been impossible!


A very strange dude they happened to stumble upon!

While the guys were gone on the hunt for 4 days...Sharon & I relaxed, read, and took long walks in the beautiful crisp air & gorgeous fall folliage! We also enjoyed going to the University of Alaska-Museum of the North.

Yep, it says "keep off pipe"...such rebels!

This was such a cute little town with year-round Christmas Spirit~

Eielson Air Force was AMAZING watching several planes take off!

The four of us had more fun times going to some great little shops, a visit to a fur company, the cultural center, and ate at some yummy restaurants~

Just our style, it would have only set us back $10,000!!

I have never seen a sunflower this big!

John's sauna next to his cabin-so cool!