Friday, August 30, 2013

Farrenkopf Fun

Serranos (our neice Elyse was our server)
Saguaro Lake
Dinner at Beyond Bread....yummy!
Sabino Canyon
I LOVE my new camera...trying to still figure it all out, this was good practice
Visiting at Joey & Raegan's
Breakfast at Bicuits Country Cafe....Yum!
Jim missed a step on our stairs & broke his toe in two places the day before we left, Raegan had a terrible kidney infection, just after having one & Jacob was dealing with constant headaches & did something to his ankle (he knows what it's big of words for me to follow)!
The ailing patients...what good sports they were!
San Xavier was founded as a Catholic Mission in 1692. We were not able to be these but just a few minutes & mass was going on. We want to go back the next time we are in Tucson & have more time
Back to Mesa for a BBQ...Brody loves being Papa's helper!
Jim's ribs were so yummy!
Scorpion hunting...I never would have thought it could be so entertaining. Jim pulled the stinger out so they could play with it!!
Oh geez...really!?
We spooked Ann with rattle snakes, scorpions, trantulas, black widows, gila monsters, coyotes & bobcats...I don't think we will ever get her back to Arizona!!