Saturday, July 21, 2012

Our Cute Little Sun Devils

Our Favorite Little People
Pancake breakfast
The Music Productions
Art Projects
Jamie has made it to 37 weeks & still holding on!
Tre Gave Papa A Good Work Out!
This has been an extra great week & a half...we have had many wonderful visits and conversations with our grandkids, kids & kids-in-law & soon to be kid-in law! We truly have the best family ever!!

Friday, July 20, 2012


Our home improvement projects all started due to a leak in the upstairs hall bath which ran into the entry wall, the wood floors & the garage! I decided since we were already going to be in a big mess that we would redo our kitchen table, chairs & barstools, the laundry room and 2 1/2 baths!! What was I thinking!! The first thing we had to do is dry out the entry wall, the cement where the wood was & the garage with the help of CJ Smith's company Rocky Mountain Restoration (he was amazing & so quick to respond)!
The Garage BEFORE
The garage AFTER
Just before we pulled up the remaining wood floor...Brody wanted to be with Papa every step of the way, it was darling!
Aaron helped tear out the floor & the wood that was still good he was able to use in his own home!
The new wood floor, which I absolutely LOVE! And the entry wall repair...
Hallbath BEFORE, at one time it had a mauve counterop to really was hip when we built this house in the 80's! Really!!
This is what was left after we pulled the tile & tub gross!. It was so rotted out, but thankfully, there wasn't any mold!!
Hallbath AFTER. All the countertops & tile in the bathrooms & laundry room were done by Solorzano Tile-they do beautiful work! Some of the plumbing that Jim was unable to do himself, was done by Kyle Kokaliars. He did a great job helping us out whenever we needed him!
I love the pretty flower arrangment Raegan made for me!
Masterbath shower BEFORE (the blue countertop to match the blue tile)!
Masterbath AFTER
Laundry room & 1/2 bath BEFORE
DURING...Jacob & Chelsea faux painting!
Laundry room & 1/2 bath AFTER AFTER
These table, chairs & stools seriously kept Jim & I at each others throats for joke!! BUT, we are both very happy with they way they turned out! These are the BEFORE pictures with scatches, dice game dents, and an area ruined by acetone!
This is what my feet looked like every night after we were painting the table & chairs...disgusting!!
This was not easy having one sink & one shower for Jim, Jacob & I to get ready every morning for weeks. I had to get up by 4am (instead of 4:45) to get my shower first to get ready for work. I know, we are very spoiled!! We are EXHAUSTED but now that it is finished we are so happy with the results!!! The inside clean-up of the house was a major undertaking for me but after we had the carpets cleaned by Pure Flooring (owned by Chad Belnap) I cleaned every nook & cranny of this house, from top to bottom. Dust is still settling so I find myself dusting quite often. We did alot of touch-up painting & painted the masterbedroom as well. Now we have hours, days & weeks of clean-up to do outside!! Here we go!!!!