Thursday, November 19, 2015

It looks like HALLOWEEN 2015 was a great one!

Good times in San Tan Valley
Scaring his Grandma Morris
Partying in Tucson
Trick or treating in Ann Arbor
Always a good time in our neighborhood Halloween night
Anxiously waiting for the Entz parade to start

Saturday, November 7, 2015


Maycie is such a sweet baby & already a wonderful blessing to our family... we love her so much!! The kids were so excited (except for Ridge not knowing what the heck was going on) as Daddy & Mommy leave for the hospital! Thanks to Aunt Chelsea...they were in the best of hands! It truly has been a blessing as I have been able to watch our grandbabies coming into this world, there is nothing like it!!
Here we go...round five!
Never a dull moment when these two are together!
Dr. Nelson ("Uncle Steve")
Hawli & I both had cameras & Jim had the video we got a lot of pictures!
Aunt Chelsea meeting Maycie
Getting so excited to meet their new baby sister...
First bath
Ridge only being 15 months old still does not know what to think about all this
Coming home to her sisters & brothers who were anxiously waiting
Aunt Chelsea is amazing...she bought all the things to help the kids make these welcome home posters
Maycie's first "real" bath at home
Uncle Jakey & Aunt Chelsea
Uncle Aaron, Aunt Becki & cousin Tre
Great-Grandma Hamblin
Great-Uncle Bryan
Great-Grandpa & Great-Grandma Nelson
Jim & I wanted to give Jamie some time just with Maycie (& Ridge)...Riverview Park, a picnic & Transylvania 2 were a big hit!
Jim took Carly & Brody to Bass Pro & Riverview for more fun!