Saturday, January 31, 2009


Okay, so I have to admit that I felt a little left out & jealous because Carly started calling Jim Papa-Doo a while back and in return he calls her Carly-Roo. Well out of the blue without anyone telling her to do so Carly started calling me's "thank you Nana-Noo", "okay Nana Noo", and yes Nana Noo" when she addresses me it's Nana-Noo. All three kids have nicknames...Carly-Roo, Tre-Tre, and's funny how that happens!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Tre with his cute Rock Star hat.
Tre and I took a walk & played at "elephant park".
Friday I took care of Tre while Aaron and Becki had an appointment. I had a great time with Tre showing me his ABC's, playing with toys, going to the park, & eating lunch! It was fun having "Nana and Tre time".
Brody relaxing in his Daddy's recliner.
Falling asleep after after spinning him round & round & round.
He's out, sound asleep, but it only lasted about 10 minutes!
It's bedtime and what is Carly doing?...dancing to Barney songs.
Neither one of the kids have much to do with sleeping...whether they are sick or not! It runs in the four kids were not sleepers either. I spent many years being sleep deprived. I don't miss that!! Now, I can't blame anyone but myself...worrying too much, working on some latest project & getting a little ocd, looking something up on the internet, e-mailing, or blogging too late :)!
Bath time...Brody's showing off all of his new teeth.
Carly enjoyed spending most of her bath time splashing Brody.
Saturday Jim and I spent the day with Carly & Brody while Jamie and Johnny drove up to St. Johns for their friends Mom's (Nanette Whiting) funeral. Unfortunatly, both kids have RSV and the pediatrician did not want them to be taken up to the high altitude. We enjoyed being with these little guys although it was sad to see them not feeling well. Most of the time you could tell they both felt pretty yucky but as you can see we still had lots of fun and lots of laughs.
I think it was nice for Johnny and Jamie to get away without the kids and enjoy some time together and time with many of their friends, it's just unfortunate that their getaway was prompted by a funeral of their good friends (Jaymi, Jason, & Julie) Mom. My thoughts and prayers of comfort go out to all the family and friends who loved her and will miss her!

Monday, January 5, 2009


Aaron started his new job today as an EMT at Community Bridges in Phx, a crises treatment center. He has always had such great compassion and love for people...from all walks of life. I am so excited for Aaron and his new venture.

Jamie's recovery has been long and painful...just like her Dr. warned her it would be! Johnny has been such a great help with the kids, the housework, the meals...he truly has been amazing!

Jacob, what's up with your gun turned sideways?

Jacob & Joey left yesterday to go back to BYU for another tough semester. Even though they are both taking heavy loads and challenging classes they are excited to continue to go forward with their education. We had a great time while they were home. Jim, Johnny, Jacob, & Joey were able to go out to the desert to go shooting while I stayed with Jamie, Carly, & Brody.

It seems like we had something going on every day while the boys were home. It was nice for us all to be a family again! Although, I am very worn out and pooped and my house is a was so worth it!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009!!...Jim & I had another fun day at the park with Carly & Tre (Brody stayed home with Daddy to take care of Mommy)

Carly & Tre having a picnic lunch together.

Carly & Tre having a lot of fun showing off their "twicks".
And running & rolling down the hills together (Papa showed them how to roll down a hill but they couldn't quite get the hang of it, but they did try).

Having so much fun showing each other how things are done.

At the end of the day...tired & dirty.
Best little buddies saying good-bye.