Thursday, April 28, 2011


We were so happy Johnny, Jamie, & the kids were able to make the long trip up to Utah...we all had such a good time together! Raegan's little brown bear was a big hit!!

Elder Richard G Scott, as always, gave an amazing talk!

A rare photo-op with the President of BYU, President/Dr. Cecil O. Samuelson

A very proud moment...yes, a few tears were shed!

they also graduated with cousin Ben


Davis Family

Rush Family

I love so sweet!

An awesome gift from Jacob...Joey's very first stethascope! Due to Jacob's school schedule he was unable to make the graduation. He really wanted to be there since he was at BYU for Joey & Raegan's first two years together. Good times!!

We had a wonderful afternoon at Nielsen's Grove Park with family & friends, near Joey and Raegan's home in Orem. It is one of the most beautiful parks I have been to, especially with the gorgeous snowy mountains behind it.


Monte Bean Life & Science Museum

Joey & Jacob worked on a research project under Professor Johnson. Joey was able to travel to Costa Rica and Nicaragua (& possibly Panama this summer) as part of the research.

This is the lab where Joey did research & studied

Graduation Dinner at Rodizio's Brazilian Grill at Trolly Square in Salt Lake City...afterwards we walked around Temple Square.

The weekend couldn't have been better! We were also able to visit Jim's Uncle Norman & Aunt Laura and went to Joey & Raegan's last sacrament meeting in their ward on Easter Sunday. They loved that ward & are going to really miss it, we can now see why. We couldn't be happier or more excited for Joey and Raegan as this chapter closes and a new chapter begins. Joey starts the University of Arizona College of Medicine in July and Raegan has started the process of interviewing at elementary schools for a teaching position in Tucson. In the mean time, they will be back in Mesa for a couple of months where Joey will be a research intern for Dr. Crandall (Arizona's top Orthopaedic & Spine Surgeon)and spending time with family and friends!