Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I think Jacob & Joey need to ask Tom Hanks (aka Larry Crowne) to join them in their really cool "Scooter Gang"!~

Joey's is gold & Jacob's is red (half ASU and half UofA)...hee hee! Jim of course said it's not red, it's maroon!!

We had a fun night at the drive-in with Aaron, Becki, & Tre...the weather was so nice, the last good evening before we were hit with the scorching summer heat~

Tre shares my passion for taking pictures, this is the picture he took of his Dad & Mom~

Jim, Joey, Raegan, & I had Carly & Brody for a few days while Jamie was teaching/coaching in Snowflake & Show Low and while Johnny was at the hospital with his Mom. One day we had Tre over to play as well. We are so appreciative for the help Joey & Raegan were to us! We are so fortunate that our kids & grandkids live close by...we really had a great time!!

We took Carly & Brody to swim lessons at Miss Sweeneys house. Tre came to watch, he had just finished up his swimming lessons close to home~

We went to the movies with Joey, Raegan, Carly, & Brody. As soon as the movie finished Carly & Brody went straight to the front of the theatre & started dancing, cute Joey & Raegan joined in~

Don't they just look so sweet & innocent?!~

Carly loves this!~

Joeys determination~

Carly showing Uncle Jakey her 3 teeth that she's lost~

Jim & I went on a little road trip & had a picnic with Carly & Brody~

Chocolate anyone??~

Jim & I had Tre overnight so Aaron & Becki could go away for their anniversary. We took him to Joe's BBQ where he quickly found a little Batman buddy~

Jim grew these cute little yummy grapes, I just couldn't resist taking a picture~

Three beautiful young ladies!~

A visit with Great-Grandma & Great-Grandpa Nelson on Mother's Day~

A sweet friend & co-worker Annie's 50th Birthday...we all had a fun time decorating her operatory as a surprise~