Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Tre Turns Seven, Aarons Turns 34, Raegan Turns 25, Bryan Turns 51, Entz Carnival & A Bit of Easter

Tre had his birthday while we were in California so we face-timed him & then sent this message (gotta love those Daddy socks on Brinley)
Tre's Birthday Date with Nana & Papa
The walki-talki's he picked out with Papa & Nana's birthday money
Entz Carnival
Miss Elias
Mrs. Barnett
A Little Birthday Celebration for Tre
Easter Egg Hunt
Raegan's Birthday in Tucson with Jacob & Chelsea and the Heaps. Joey went & picked out baby clothes all my himself, so sweet! And Chelsea made the cute brownie cake
Aarons Birthday Dinner at the Farm
James Aaron Nelson Sr, James Aaron Nelson II and James Aaron Nelson III
Easter Sunday
Celebrating Bryan's 51st Birthday
Another Easter Egg Hunt
We love it when the kids get her talking about her life