Thursday, February 27, 2014

Young Women

I loved working with these ladies in Young Women...Carli, Brooke & Rosemarie!
Game night with the Deacons (some of Jim's old 11-year-old scouts)
Our wild, crazy, energetic, awesome Beehives. They play one mean game of glow-in-the-dark kickball! Camp kick-off
Val Vista Ward EFY We had an opportunity to go & spend some evenings with these adorable alzheimers residents at Copper Village Stake Hike
Book of Mormon-Stomp Games...I appreciate all the help I got from Jim & my kids putting this together
Tie-Dye shirts for camp
Saguaro Lake YW/YM trip for those who completed STOMP (Students Trying Out Moroni's Promise)...I had a blast!
Such hams...yw/ym combined
Gila Valley Temple Journey
Our service project, a lot of hard work, dirt & sweat but what an amazing experience it was for all of us
The walk to the Gila Valley Temple, again dirty & hot but an experience I won't ever forget
Almost there!
We all made it & was it ever worth it, to see the girls faces when they saw there parents!
Sister Bowlby's baby shower for Brea
More fun at Mutual