Monday, June 28, 2010


Jim & I had a fun day with Carly, Tre, & Brody! We babysat the kids while Jamie was in Snowflake & Showlow again (with Hawli) for a few days working with the high school cheer squads. I am amazed at the hours these young ladies put in to be able to teach and get the squads ready for the next school year & their state competitions. Jamie & Hawli are also training for a run in August, it makes me tired just thinking about it. We had Tre come play with Carly & Brody so Becki had a chance to take lunch & spend some time with Aaron at work. We had such a blast, they are all such good little buddies!

Friday morning while I was taking care of Carly & Brody we got a knock on their door...and this cute couple with big smiles were at the door, what a great surprise it was to see them standing there!! Joey & Raegan decided last minute to drive to AZ for the weekend before they headed to California with Raegan's family. It's always so good to have them home!! Jacob came & spent the week-end at home as well. He went back to Glendale for a bit on Sunday to teach his Sunday School class and to get a new calling...he was called to be the Elder's Quorum President in his singles ward. I know he will do an awesome job!

I think these pictures are so so sweet!!

Our cute little ROCKSTARS

Joey, Raegan, & I went out to Aaron & Becki's house. Tre showed us his drum playing talent while sporting his ninja outfit. He even had the foot-pedal thing going was very cute!

Carly loves to watch music videos so much that when asked by her Sunbeam teacher (when holding up a picture of Adam & Eve) who it was in the picture she said Carrie Underwood! I love that story!! Sorry Jamie that she is still in just her underwear & jammies, we were just having too much fun playing :)!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

JOEY, RAEGAN, & THE TAG-ALONG MOTHER-IN-LAW go to WISCONSIN (& a few short hours to Chicago)

The Farrenkopf Family

5 1/2 years ago Ann Farrenkopf was the first person Joey taught when he was on his mission in Wisconsin. Ann and her family have become special friends. It has been a difficult journey at times for Ann being the only member in her family. Her testimony is stronger though because of it. Ann was able to go through the Temple for the first time just before Joey and Raegan were married in November. It was an extra special day when she was able to be in a sealing room for the first time and witness Joey & Raegan's beautiful wedding. Last weekend Joey, Raegan, & I were able to go to Wisconsin for Ann's daughter Katie' baptism. It was such an amazing evening, the spirit that was felt there was so strong! Ann's s husband Kurt and their sons Steven & Daniel were also there to share this happy occasion for Katie. It was a very emotional night for me as I was able to witness Joey baptize & confirm Katie.

Katie will be attending BYU this fall

We had some really good laughs, some we couldn't take pictures of (hee-hee)!!

More incredible people... The Perez Family. When Jim & I were in WI with Joey after he returned home from his mission we were able to meet this great family. Some of them were in AZ a couple of yrs ago & we were able to get together with them again. We had so much fun on Sunday afternoon at a bbq at their house...talking, eating, & playing football (I was just a spectator)!

Lake Michigan

I flew to Milwaukee and Joey & Raegan flew to Chicago. They had a few hours together before Ann picked me up in Milwaukee & we drove to Chicago together. Then the four of us wandered the streets of Chicago, ate dinner, and then drove to Wisconsin. I would like to go back there someday, it seems like a fun city!

Katie performs in a group called Main Street...we were able to go see them at a show they were doing for a rest home...they were so much fun to watch & listen to!

Wisconsin was so beautiful & green! I had such a blast with Joey & was a much needed break for all three of us!!