Monday, November 28, 2011

I have so much to be THANKFUL for, these are just a few of the things...

What a perfect way to start our Thanksgiving Day! We are anxiously waiting for the arrival of our nephew Sargeant Derek LeCheminant from Afghanistan after serving his third deployment overseas-

Sgt. LeCheminant

Back in the arms of his family! We are so proud of Derek's dedication & appreciate the sacrifices he & the other service men/women have made to defend our country. We are so grateful for his safe return!!

Raegan & Tre have bonding experiences over their boots. Although, Tre was a little disappointed that Raegan wasn't wearing her "blond" boots that day!


"The Amazing" Uncle Jim/Papa Jim is always good for a hug!!

The Participants of The Chubby Bunny Contest...I should be ashamed, but it makes me laugh every time!

We had such a blast with Chelsea's X-Box Kinect playing games & doing (or I should say attempting) "our moves" with Dance Central. We all loved it so much that on Black Friday Jacob bought two more Kinect boxes & fun games for it. I think we will be doing alot more of it during the Christmas holidays!!


Babysitting Carly & Brody while the other family members braved Black Friday!

I love our tradition of going to the movies as a family during the holidays, it is just about the only time most of us go to a movie during the year!

Just as the movie started Brody gagged on a piece of licorice & ended up throwing up all over Jamie & himself, this is why he has no shirt on!!

The credits begin at the end of the movie & so does the dancing!

Mark's 50th Birthday at Work

Carly's Primary Program...she was so cute saying her part & singing all the songs~

Jacob took me on a date! Dinner & to see Chelsea's beautiful dance performance "Catching Dreams 2"~

Jim & I went on a date as well to see our neice McKayla perform in "Anything Goes"~