Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Brody Had A Great Soccer Season!

Daddy got him least he had shoes on

Thursday, December 10, 2015


Celebrating Johnny's 36th Birthday (the day before Maycie was born)
Celebrating Jacob & Jamie's 33rd Birthday
On their way to see Garth Brooks together (Jamie had her baby just 9 days earlier)
I managed to watch these 5 all by myself, everyone was great!
Four out of the five sleeping in the same room
Our turn! An absolutely amazing concert...Garth Brook still has it!!
Jamie's family for her birthday dinner
And 5 weeks later...with Jacob & Chelsea's for Jacob's birthday dinner
Joey had his 30th on December 12th! All our kids are in their 30's now...I feel soooo old!
Here we are a few weeks later celebrating

No Surprise...I LOVE pictures!!

Last swim(s) of the year...the water was pretty darn cold!
I really don't think this is how we were suppose to put the Katch-Kid on...but it did the job
Maycie is the sweetest baby (already growing so fast)! Newborn to 6 weeks...
Maycie has 2 sisters & 2 brothers who are crazy about her...Ridge calls her shshshshsh
Our Michigan family (we miss them)!
Carly & Brody did so good on their speaking parts & singing for the Primary Program. When the Primary kids were singing "The Miracle" (which is now one of my favorite Primary songs).. Brinley sang along, knowing every one of the words, it was very touching!
I spent the day with Aaron, Becki, Tre & Tre's friend at Mesa's Music Festival...I really enjoyed it
Tre spending time with Crystal in Flagstaff
Aaron & just one of his gardens
Second heart surgery for this cute girl!!
Nana & Carly's date night to see Mary Poppins...we both loved it!
We love when we are able to go to lunch together on Friday's
Ridge figured out how to move Che's cage so he can snuggle with his buddy & let him in the house. He also showed Brinley the ropes on how to sneak out to the back yard!
Jim's archery bull elk hunt near success this year!
Jim & I enjoyed watching MaKayla's perform in the State Jazz Festival
Two weddings & a funeral (in Yuma)