Saturday, July 5, 2014


Carly 7 1/2 years old
Tre 7 years old
Brody 6 years old
Brinley 20 months old
Some of Brinley's favorite things to do at 20-21 months were running a million miles an hour, climbing up & down and in & out of everything! She also loved playing in Nana's purse, the animal game with Papa, with her big sister & brother & buckles...she is obsessed with buckles (although she hates to be restrained by them)!
28 weeks
34 weeks
25 weeks
30 weeks
Father & Son and Mothers & Daughters
Mother & Daughters
Carly's "bring the tortoise to school & pajama day"
Brody's water party at school
Played with the kids at the park while Johnny & Jamie went to the grocery store all by themselves, this was the last of the good weather!
I watched the kids while Johnny & Jamie went out for their 12th Anniversary. Brinley & Carly were so sick, it was so sad! Jamie's whole family & Jim ended up getting it as well, somehow I dodged it. Brody was being very sweet & helpful
Tre's massage for Nana & Papa, he only charges $.25
Playing us some creepy movie music
Now time to relax
Carly was my cute date at Hale Theatre to see The Miracle Worker
Jamie assisting on Brody
Morgan's wedding
32 & 36 weeks...I am so excited to meet these two wee-ones
Cousin sleepover with Nana & Papa...homemade ice cream & cookies and tie-dye shirts
Good times swimming at Uncle Mark & Aunt Sharon's
Eating lunch & building a fort together
After swimming...the kids made their own pizza's
Independence Day Celebrations
Jacob & Chelsea celebrating the 4th with the two new residents. I am so excited for them to have 1st year of residency behind them!
Attending Johnny & Jamie's ward