Sunday, January 8, 2017

Goldfield Ghost Town

Becki works at Siphon Draw Apothecary out at Goldfield Ghost Town. Jim & I took Tre out there to go see Becki at work a while ago, it was a lot of fun…it sounds like we need to go back! Grandma & Grandpa Morris took Tre & some of the other grandkids out their & this is what Elaine said about it… “We had so much fun with these cowgirls and cowboys out at Goldfield Ghost Town last week. Tre was a great tour guide and knows this place inside and out. The "town locals" adore Tre and we got VIP treatment wherever we went! Tre does work here and there. When I went to pay for us to do the Mine Tour, the owner "Cousin Jack" said no cost to us since Tre is his tour assistant. It was so fun to go down in the mine, Tre had his part all down, turning on/off lights, blowing out candles, pointing out this and that as Cousin Jack narrated. It was so cute at the end of the tour Tre said, "Cousin Jack, did you remember to tell them about the "tip bucket" that's on the way out?" Cousin Jack got tickled about that, and I noticed he gave Tre some of the tips that people left”. Tre also plays his harmonica & people tip him. He helps Becki as well answering questions about the different products they sell. Aaron & Becki took him to the bank to open up an account.