Saturday, January 7, 2017


This has been quite the year for hospital visits. Jim went to the ER for severe pain, they could not figure out what is was & it finally went away. I went to the ER for severe pain to find out I was passing a kidney stone. I guess I just felt left out, Denise has had one and Mark & David have had several, which both of them had to have surgery. Mom's has had a very difficult year & has had to be taken to the ER several times. We have had some very scary times where she was telling us she "just wanted to go to sleep & not wake up"...the veil was very thin at times! Each time after she gets back home she said she was ready to keep fighting. She truly is such a wonderful blessing to each one of us & our spouses, her 25 grandkids, their spouses & her 60+ great-grandkids! The only one I actually documented was Maycie's trip to the hospital for croop. It went from really scary to her feeling good in no time all...thank goodness!
Once the dr ok'd it, Jacob went to the physician's lounge (one of the perk's of being a doctor affiliated with Banner Desert) & got her some food... as you can tell, she scarfed it down!